“this is old-tromen,”he said

my all time hero, mr zawawi bin mahmud..lots of things i want to write about him.eventually it end up i cant write anything about him..its too much..he’s my idol. i really want to be like him.. be a son like him, be a brother like him, be a friend like him, being a romantic husband like him, being a superdad like him..Oh Allah,thank you for giving me such a great dad that i cant imagine life without him..

“Ayoh, selamat hari bapa..timo kaseh banyak2 selama nih ajar wan pasal kehidupe..xdop gapo hok buleh wan balah atah sumo hok ayoh wi..moga Allah panjeke umur ayoh dale kaseh saye Dio”

Happy Father’s Day Ayah




it’s been awhile..time to wake up and smells a cup of nescafe(kata maya karin,ada anti-oksida.great!)..

loq.staq- silence majority

saturday evening at pekan rabu, alor star.

father n son

“son, i didn’t asked for you to have a great job, let alone your money. I never asked you to be someone great, let alone to live under your fame. I never asked you to take me to the town, let alone moving with you there. I’m just asking you to be a great son, to be someone to your mom, someone to your brothers and sisters. I just asking for your prayer, before and after i left this world. I’m just asking you to be my son,.. forever”

An old man lost in his own world while finishing his last ‘bubu’ of the day at a small village near Kemasik, Terengganu. He’s been doing the job for more than 10 years to support his beloved family.

*currently listening to ‘father and son’ by Cats Steven (Yusuf Islam)

it’s satur.day

its saturday. got sth to do but end up playing with my wacom. its been almost one year the wacom being a photo frame instead of tablet. huhu.

nothing but chonteng


It’s a magazine btw..

After saw an advertise on this magazine, i cant help myself from keep on searching that magazine around, to be exact at kuantan. yes,its quite rare plus being in east coast everything is very hard to find. currently we got nearest Popular Bookstore at Kemasik, Terengganu. but the store is really dissapointed which is very rare of art/photography/comics type books. not to be racist, i found its too much books in chinese, while population of people reading chinese is lower than 20% around here. for me its a waste, while u’re having a low no of chinese customers, u put lot of chinese books. some the racks should be utililsed for more universal books ie. art/photography/comics which i believed have a lot more followers here. once again, i’m not racist. sorry my fellow chinese friends. nothing to do with skin color.

finally i found this mag at MyNews at Suria KLCC. hoaahh, finally!

its POPCORN! with ‘on the cutting-edge of comics art’ tag. The contents is more on comics art with one-short comics and pin-up from various top comic artist in asia especially from Malaysia.

Interview with Tan Eng Huat (kutu)

Interview with Tan Eng Huat (kutu)

There are 9 pages of interview with Kutu, an international artist from malaysia with thumbnails and pin-up from him. its great interview. very amaze with him, have a chance to draw world famous characters like batman, silver surfer and ghost rider. superb!

by Kutu

by Kutu

lots of pin ups by malaysian famous like kromosom, kidchan, adijin, baba chuah, virus-AC74(now i knew he is a she), kaoru and lot more. and of course great pin-ups from asian artist (singapore, hongkong, taiwan etc).

by kromosom

by kromosom

by artgem of singapore

by artgem of singapore

by David Wang of taiwan

by David Wang of taiwan

And there’s comic by puppeteer! i love his painting very much. since reading ‘Forgotten by Puppeteer‘ graphic novel, i fall in love with his story telling style. great one. there another couple of comics by puyuh and redcode.

silent revolution chains by puppeteer

'silent revolution chains' by puppeteer

another best part is interview with China’s Benjamin Chan. with lots of pin-ups from him. worth to read interview. i think everybody would fall in love with his painting.

interview with benjamin

interview with benjamin

Sadly, i heard that this mag published on quarterly basis(4 times/year). have to wait another 3months for 2nd issue? sigh..hopefully its not true. btw, go and get one. its worth to buy stuff.

btw, i hope next issues, there will be arts from muhamadyazid, chee, rosh, zoOl, milx, adijin(more), benQwek, sandora khoo, popiaman, aimo, syarul and lots lots more.

p/s: dulu penah berangan nk jadi hebat mcam diorg tp tgh jalan terjadi pemalas..huhu


model crdt to: lum tuck fai

finally, i came here again, miri. I’ve been here for several weeks 3years back. the different is, last time i always missed the sunset. with lots of reasons, i flew back to peninsular with empty-handed, without any photos of miri’s beautiful sunset. but not this time. not anymore.. Thank God